Custom Pet Portrait - Head + Name

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  • 8" x 8" White Frame $175.00

Your pet's portrait and name will be lovingly stitched by hand. These custom portraits are the perfect way to honor your furriest family member and make wonderful gifts.

Choose between having your finished portrait framed in a 6" WOODEN HOOP, or in an 8" x 8" FRAME. (If you select the FRAME option, please note that the frame style may vary slightly based on what is available. If you would like a different color frame than white, or would like to discuss options, please feel free to let me know in your email!)

IMPORTANT: Once you've purchased your portrait, please send a minimum of 3 CLEAR reference photos to: PLEASE NOTE that these photos will heavily influence the design of your portrait! If there's anything specific or any special characteristic you'd like to emphasize (a spot on the nose, a crooked stripe, etc.) please be sure to let me know! We'll discuss fabric options at this point, too, along with any other questions you have. And, if you'd like to chat about adding additional details to your portrait, such as flowers or a background, please let me know! (Please note that an uncharge will apply for additional details and will be invoiced separately.)

Production time for custom portraits is 4-6 weeks.